About The Living Archives

In celebration of the 15-year anniversary of our community building efforts, the Asian Arts Initiative is pleased to launch our Living Archives website! Here you will find an interactive timeline of activities that mark key moments in our organization’s development—and interviews with artists and activists sharing their stories and thoughts about the power of art and making change in the world.

We hope that you will feel connected and inspired as you explore the website—and we invite you to send us your own stories and thoughts to contribute to the Asian Arts Initiative’s ever-growing, Living Archives!


Our Living Archives began as an oral history project in 2008 with the desire to map some of the relationships and the people who make our organization what it is. phmc-logo-b-cymkWe are grateful to the Pennysylvania Historical and Museum Commission for providing seed funding for the project, and to the team of volunteer interviewers and interviewees who have given so generously of their time and themselves.

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